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Lacking imagination.

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hardware soldering -> physical computing -> hardware/network level layers -> backend development -> frontend development -> more than a dozen frameworks!

Why I think AngularJS is trash

We have gotten to the point already where we have a framework for our framework with modules for that framework. It has to stop. I've starting to see developers simply have no clue of how the inner workings 'work'. Are we going to continue into a future to the point where if there's a bug at a lower level we will be unable to solve that problem ...


NPM package removal releasing gates of hell

Not sure if you heard but left-pad package on npm was unpublished by its developer due to a conflict with the lawyers of Kik (which he named his package). he was asked to give ownership up of the npm package name. He said no and NPM gave that company the rights and he lost it. so he unpublished his work and the whole internet started to have problems. Pretty sad because this could've been avoided if these developers simply typed the extra 5-10 lines of code instead of calling a package. Depend less on packages even if you feel it speeds up your code ...


Fuck Oauth2 and Oauth

That's right, fuck them both, in a good way that is :). This page is running mutiple oauth2 applications that you wouldn't realize. The weight, locaiton, basically eveyrthing in realtime stats is really 'real time'. but guess what? it's not worth the effort when you can just use scrapy and get the data off another way ...


Google Ads :)

About me

I started building things as a child and the hobby turned into fixing things that I could not afford to replace. Eventually, I began repairing complex electronics, including computers. From the seed of childhood tinkering and innovation emerged an interest in front-end web development. I knew not only how to fix things, but also how to create, and I wanted more people to see what I could do.

I jumped into web development because I wanted to advertise myself. With more practice, things started to become easier. I decided to challenge myself by exploring back-end development. Understanding both front and back-end development enabled me to recognize my full potential. The perception of my own talent encouraged me to go even further. I desired to learn everything I could in web development and its extensions, and I will never stop seeking knowledge.

I graduated from Borough of Manhattan Community College with an Associates Degree in Multimedia Programming and Design in 2011. At BMCC, I studied Web Development and Design, along with Animation. After completing this program, I decided to continue my journey at New York City College of Technology, where I studied Physical Computing, refined my skills in back-end development, and introduced myself to cinematography, lighting and audio production. To further hone my skills in web development I transferred to Hunter College. The passion and discipline I have for my craft is ever-evolving. As a result, I have maintained a 4.0 GPA and attained a role as a part-time faculty member assisting professors in teaching web development and video editing. I also ensure students do not blow themselves up (not everyone is a genius).

Early in 2014, I was introduced to hackathons by participating in the Tech Triangle Hackathon. There, I was inspired to delve deeper into back-end development. After enduring numerous failed attempts at hackathons, I finally won the New York University ‘Hack NYU’. There, I assembled a team to develop a social media application for hackers, designers and entrepreneurs to connect, and was designated the “MVP” of the event.

While becoming a god, I was exclusively focused on developing technologies and neglecting my body and health. I loved too much pizza- readily available at hackathons- was approaching 400 pounds, and my nuts began to feel the weight of the situation. I decided to change my life and lose weight. I broke up with pizza, started juicing and adopted a vegetarian regimen. I bought a road bike and abandoned the subway. Today, I have a health-centric lifestyle and have lost almost 200 pounds.